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Hi folks, my name is Helen and that is me below wearing the red panties and to the right in my 34H cup bra. I am the new owner of worn4u.com but before we start I wish to stress I have nothing to do with the old owner.

I am a single mum who is in her early 40's I used to sell my panties through local adverts and auction sites before I had the chance to purchase this site which was great as now I can reach out to a far wider audience. I love selling my lingerie, from my used panties from worn bras, slippers, stocking and pantyhose to my skirts and tops. Please feel free to have a good browse around the site and take a look at my own personal about me page for more details.

I have enlisted the help of two other ladies, Kirsty a 40 something milf who prefers to go natural down below and who also offers webcam panty purchase sessions. This is an option where you can get to watch her in the panties you are buying.

The second lady is Joanna aged 30. Joanna is a nurse by day so if you would like a real pair of nurses panties or a pair of stockings that she has worn while doing her duties make sure you click on her link in the menu. Joanna can also purchase a genuine nurses uniform and wear it for you, we are not talking fancy dress, they are the exact same ones as worn on any NHS ward.

Now come on guys, who's panties would you like to sniff and which ones are teasing your taste buds...

Worn Panties For Sale
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